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What to Pack: The Ultimate Checklist for a Trip to Wales

Planning a trip to Wales, but not sure where to start? At Rare Hideaways we make it simple to browse and book fantastic self-catering accommodation across the country. Of course, that’s just one element of planning the perfect trip.

As a country that boasts mountains, beaches, wildlife, historic sites, and vibrant modern cities, there’s plenty to keep you busy. Our advice? With a Welsh getaway you’ll want to pack for any eventuality. Read on for our checklist of essentials.

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The first item on this list may seem like a given – but it’s worth stressing that a good quality camera is an essential for a trip to Wales. If you have an expensive camera, now’s the time to charge it up, stick in a fresh memory card, and invest in a lightweight, waterproof case. If you’re planning on visiting any historic sites, or doing any walking in the countryside or along the coast, that camera is going to get a lot of use.

Walking Boots

Even if you’re planning on sticking to the cities, a pair of walking boots can come in extremely handy. A walk through Cardiff that takes you through the large areas of parkland will be far easier if you’re wearing the proper footwear. Of course, good walking boots are essential if you’re planning on doing any serious hiking in the countryside.

If you’re buying new, make sure your boots fit to the shape of your foot and are fully waterproof. And don’t forget to break them in before you go!


Wales is the ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts; you can dolphin-spot in Cardigan Bay, birdwatch on Bardsey Island, and snap photos of grey seals along the Pembrokeshire coast. With a pair of binoculars to hand, wildlife activities become far easier and more enjoyable.

A good pair of binoculars can also come in handy along walking routes, when you simply want to check out a building or landscape in the distance. Trust us – you’ll end up using them all the time!

Sat Nav

In this day and age, the average person in the street has a map of the world in their pocket – but smartphones can’t always be relied upon. In certain rural areas of Wales, you might experience a signal dip, which means it’s always a good idea to have paper maps to hand, and more importantly a sat nav.

If you’re driving through winding countryside lanes, a sat nav will help you stay on track and let you relax and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

Picnic Blanket

A picnic blanket is an item that allows you to be that little more spontaneous on your Welsh holiday – especially if you have a car. Stick your blanket in the boot with a few sandwiches and a thermos of tea, and you’ll be able to have an impromptu picnic wherever you like. Wales is packed with stunning picnic spots, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Sun Lotion, Sunglasses and a Rain Jacket!

It’s a fact of life that the weather in Wales is not entirely reliable. For that reason, it’s always a good idea to prepare for all seasons (whether it’s May or December) by bringing sun lotion, sunglasses and a good waterproof rain jacket.

The good news? Wales looks beautiful in all weathers – even torrential rain! 

Photography supplied by Visit Wales Image Centre © Crown Copyright (2018)

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