About us

Welcome to Rare Hideaways, a new venture with a long track record. If you know the Welsh hotels scene then you’ll probably be familiar with Welsh Rarebits, a scheme founded over 30 years ago. Synonymous with quality, hospitality and value for money, its members include many of the top hotels in Wales. Rarebits was later adapted to a sister scheme, Great Little Places, a collection of smaller hotels, inns and guest houses which again has been most successful. Continuing the theme that has proven so successful Welsh Rarebits launched an Online shop in 2012 www.gourmetwales.co.uk to showcase the very best of local artisan food and drink producers and more importantly allow people to sample the quality.

Over the last few years we’ve been busy travelling the length and breadth of Wales putting together this new collection, visiting each one personally. It’s a varied bunch (as all the most interesting collections should be) that includes converted watermills, windmills and barns, country cottages and manor houses – but all sharing those attributes mentioned earlier.

We were asked several years ago why we didn’t include upmarket self-catering properties in the Rarebits family. The answer then was that they weren’t good enough. Historically, it was the norm to furnish the house or cottage you wanted to let with the dining suite you’d decided to replace from your own home, or use the bed that was granny’s before she passed away.

Then there was the fact that self-catering was all so impersonal, with little in the way of welcome or hospitality – you’d sometimes be asked to pick up the key at the local post office.

How things have changed! We first noticed improvements in self-catering at the beginning of this century, but have been gratified and surprised to discover that this upward trend has accelerated in the last five years.

Wales now has some of the most luxurious and stylish self-catering properties on the planet. And we’re also pleased to report that the ‘people factor’ – that all-important element of hospitality that plays such a part in Welsh Rarebits continuing success – is also present in Rare Hideaways, with owners going that extra mile to look after their guests.

If you would like to enquire about joining Rare Hideaways, contact our head office:
01570 470785 / joinus@rarebits.co.uk